Amnesia Seeds

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Amnesia Haze , originally bred by Soma Seeds in the Netherlands is a strain packed to the brim with black-belt genetics . It started as a cross of southeast Asian and Jamaican plants.

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Amnesia Haze Strain Seeds.

Amnesia seeds,is a sturdy and dependable Sativa cross (Skunk x Jack Herer x Cinderella 99). The only downside of this plant is a long flowering time – everything else about this strain will rock your world. Huge yields, nice buds, exceptional high.

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Dominant Origins

20% Indica / 80% Sativa

Parents of Amnesia Haze

Thai x Hawaiian x Jamaican x Cambodian x Haze x Afghani x South Asian Indica

Typical Effects

Happy, euphoric, and energizing qualities can relieve stress, improve mood, and reduce pain.

Terpene Profile

Limonene, Ocimene


Earthy, Lemon, Sweet


Citrus, Lemon, Earthy, Sweet

Impediments (from most to least likely)

Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Dizziness, Paranoia, Anxiety

CBD Range


THC Range


Physical Characteristics

Patchwork genetics produces phenotype variance and differing physical traits—some plants produce elongated flowers with orange pistils while other flowers are triangular and stout with inward curling sugar-leaves.

Growing Information

Best grown indoors

Sensitive and needs to be well tended outdoors


Yield: 21 oz/m2


Yield: 25 oz/plant

Where can I buy the Amnesia Haze strain in the USA?

i49 USA sells the Amnesia Haze strain online or by calling 1-888-544-4949 to order over the telephone. The office is open from 5am to 7pm PST seven days a week.

How can I buy the Amnesia Haze marijuana seeds online?

The easiest way is to find an online cannabis seed bank that sells Amnesia Haze and place an order over the internet or telephone. Typically, you can pay with Bitcoin, Interac e-transfer or Credit Card.

Is buying Amnesia Haze seeds from a local dispensary a good idea?

Generally, buying seeds from a legal provider such as a licensed dispensary can be a positive experience. Some downfalls include when seeds are left on shelves for long periods of time with temperature changes and excessive handling by customers and staff. Our biased opinion is to only purchase seeds stored in temperature-controlled environments from reputable online seed banks.


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