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Big Buddha Cheese is a potent hybrid crossed from the world famous UK Cheese and an Afghani indica. It gives high yields of dense green buds that produces euphoric and uplifting effects.

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Buy big buddha cheese

Buy Big Buddha Cheese is an indica dominant hybrid from the cross of Skunk # 1, Cheese and Afghani genetics. Cheese, after attracting attention as an impressive culture with British history, quickly became one of the favorite, most popular and widely distributed varieties in the country. A cultivator by the name of Big Buddha would then have crossed this variety with Afghani genetics to produce a variety in the form of seeds. This highly fragrant variety has proven its value over time and went on to conquer awards, in the form of a High Times Cannabis Cup in the indica category in 2006.

The dominant indica in the genetic makeup of Big Buddha Cheese provides a strain that provides a relaxing and stress-relieving effect. By smoking this variety, you trigger feelings of joy and perhaps even a deep appetite, even a cravings. Big Buddha Cheese is a good aid for sleep, since the physical effect provoked is quite euphoric and helps the body and mind to relax and unwind, which fights insomnia and pain that could keep you awake and disturb the sleep cycle and the circadian rhythm. This variety is well enough known to cause severe dryness in the mouth. So don’t forget to have a few glasses of water or fruit juice on hand, so as not to have to fight against the urge to be at the bottom of the sofa to make a hook in the kitchen.

Big Buddha Cheese has a very tasty taste. The most notable is a rich taste of cheese that delights the taste buds, enriched by earthy and pronounced tastes. The scent of skunk emanating from burning and smoking this strain is quite strong, so use discretion if you smoke in a place where cannabis is not really tolerated.


Big Buddha Cheese will be ready for harvest at around 55 days into the flowering, however, allowing it an extra week could give it a boost in its final stage. It really comes down to preference. Outdoors this strain will be ready to be cut down by the end of October and will stretch out more than they will indoors. Manageable in height, they produce long dense colas with closely compacted buds. The odor will be strong, so you might want to consider that when planning your indoor grow.

Big Buddha Cheese is an easy strain to grow and very forgiving of its environment. This makes it a perfect strain for beginner growers as well as seasoned gardeners alike. The Afghani genetics add a ruggedness that will allow it to adapt to its surroundings, just in case your space isn’t ideal. The colas you’ll see popping up above your canopy will truly impress. Pale green nuggets coated in crystal joy are what you can expect. Big Buddha Cheese is a very high yielder, producing around 450g per square meter indoors and right about the same per plant outdoors.

Big Buddha Cheese is resilient and can flourish in a pH between 5.8 to 6.2, starting higher at first and dropping over time. Being as resilient as it is, it will grow in hotter, more humid conditions than usual, however your ideal humidity should stay between 45-55% and temperatures should be kept below 28 degrees. The seeds from Big Buddha are feminized so you’re not going to have to worry about any pollination going on in your garden. In the end you’ll have lots of thick, dense, cheesy nuggets that will keep you happy till your next harvest.


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