Blue Berry

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As the name would suggest, the aroma and flavors of Blueberry Kush are strongly reminiscent of sweet and fruity berries. However, upon closer inspection, there are a host of interesting smells and tastes going on here.

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Buy Blue berry kush. blue berry kush is a powerful variety. The offspring of a Blueberry and an OG Kush , this variety is to be preferred for a lazy afternoon or a relaxation evening.

This strain made the most of both parents. It delivers sweet aromas with hints of hash. Created in Oregon, it easily reaches 20% THC. This high THC level coupled with an indica heritage make this strain a good option for people looking to treat their insomnia, anorexia or chronic pain.

Blueberry Kush can be a bit difficult to grow, at least for beginners. It takes a long time to flower, especially if you really want to get the most out of the plant. It grows well indoors and requires a lot of sun outdoors, although it will do well in slightly more northern climates.


It’s uplifting high can promote relaxation and a sense of calm which can be helpful for those with depression or less severe forms of anxiety. Its strong full body effects make it a great natural solution for people with physical pain.


Blueberry Kush or Blueberry OG should not be confused with the strain Blueberry. Obviously, its parentage includes Blueberry but with one important difference; it has been mixed with OG Kush. This gives Blueberry the kushy flavor which is so highly sought out. This strain is overwhelmingly an indica, as both its parent’s strains are as well. Blueberry is not a Sativa or a hybrid; it’s a pure Indica, whereas Blueberry Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid.


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