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Buy Critical Mongo:Do you like tropical flavors when you smoke weed? Then Critical Mango is the perfect choice for you! But Critical Mango has much more than a splendid taste. She may be small in size, she is lovely to look at and devotes her efforts to creating massive amounts of very powerful flowers in a short period of time.

Critical Mango was created by combining the genes of two of the most fertile and robust plants available today – Critical 47 and Somango. The result is a plant with a genetic heritage composed of 75% Indica and 25% Sativa. This composition is responsible for the maximum height of only 60-100cm in the growing room, but outdoors the plants have the capacity to grow up to 2m – a fact to keep in mind if you have prying neighbors or that you want to cultivate in guerrilla warfare. Another thing also due to genetics, the length of the flowering period; with only 8-9 weeks, Critical Mango is not a snail – outdoors you will have to wait until the end of September before you can harvest your plants.

Critical Mango does honor to its genetic heritage… something to make parents proud. It produces amazing yields of around 525-575g / m² indoors and goes up to 600 grams per plant outdoors – thanks to the legacy of Critical 47. As mentioned in its introduction, Critical Mango is a tropical treat; the fruity smell and sweet taste inherited from Somango will make you addicted in no time!

As if that weren’t enough, Critical Mango is far from stingy when it comes to potency. 18% THC and a good dose of CBD are the guarantee of a very pleasant and long-lasting effect that will fuel your inspiration and creativity in an incredible way. With Critical Mango on hand, who needs a tropical vacation?


With 6% CBD, Critical Mango CBD marijuana seeds will set you on a calm and relaxing path to pain and stress relief, and help you escape to the land of nod if that’s your end goal. This sweet-tasting strain is best for growers with a bit of experience.


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