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The Fat Banana is a variety Kush upscale with a genetic heritage that dates back to the OG Kush x Chiquita Banana .

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Buy Fat Banana kush seeds

Buy fat banana kush seeds. It is the result of an intense project of selective crossbreeding that we have carried out here at RQS, with the aim of producing and refining a variety rarely seen. The result is a variety with unusual characteristics, which will appeal to connoisseurs, collectors and growers – especially those looking for unique herb supplies.

Fat Banana is a high-end Kush variety with a genetic heritage that goes back to OG Kush x Chiquita Banana. It is a heritage that contains a lot of power, enough to create the basis of the greatness of Fat Banana. This can be seen in the potency of Fat Banana’s buds, which can reach up to more than 25% THC when grown in expert hands. The potential here is very good!

Yield And Growth Habits

Fat Banana can give an average of 350-400 g / m² under a 600 W lamp and it flowers in about 7-8 weeks indoors. It should be noted that Fat Banana is an indica dominant hybrid which could be classified as a kind of “stretching indica” given its tendency to develop a huge elongated central head stem in the absence of trellising.

Outdoors in warmer climates, the Fat Banana can turn into a monstrous bush that will probably need support. It will then be ready for harvest in mid-September. As we mentioned, if you treat it well, the reward is a large supply of thick buds with more than 25% THC and a sweet, fruity aroma of banana.

Effects and Flavor

Fat Banana is the Kush that no one has seen happen. Slightly euphoric initial effects and a succulent sweet and fruity flavor could push you to consume too much of this unusual variety. But beware, it is powerful! A strong, boring physical sensation will begin to progress and sooner or later take hold of you, followed by an incredibly relaxing experience. Prepare to have a hell of a craving – it’s a journey to the land of flavors that begins and ends at the bottom of the sofa.

In terms of flavor, Fat Banana has a sweet taste that contains citrus zest. As we mentioned, the aroma produced by the buds recalls the name of the variety, making it a treat for the nostrils.


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