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Because of its relatively high THC levels, many users prefer to save Money Maker for bedtime, or at least later into their evening.

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Buy Money Maker Kush Online

Buy Money maker kush online. Everything you should know about Money Maker is already in its name. And yes, you are right to think that it is incredibly productive and that it is a very high yielding plant! With huge harvests in just 8 weeks, Money Maker isn’t proudly named for nothing.

But Money Maker, a 70% Indica with a heritage of excellence, thanks to award-winning genes, like those of a Master Kush from the 90s, a Hindu Kush and Skunk, does not just focus on maximum production. This aspect alone would be rather useless and useless, wouldn’t it? But no worries about it!

Money Maker develops large buds with a wonderful smell of sweet berries, mixed with earthy and spicy notes. If you smoke it, it has a good nutty, spicy and fruity taste, with an aftertaste reminiscent of garlic, but in a surprisingly pleasant way. It is very powerful and gives an intense physical effect. Just the right weed for ultimate relaxation.

And if you can’t stop and smoke more (which would not be too surprising given its superb taste!) Its effect will turn into a narcotic and very deep knocking sensation. Perfect for sleep problems or if you want a good herb that can help relieve pain.

Advantages of Money Maker

The Money Maker Strain is a blend of three of the finest old school cannabis varieties. Breeder Strain Hunters has mixed the potency and vitality of Master Kush and Hindu Kush in combination with the vigorous growth and sweet flavors of Skunk #1 to form an indica-dominant cross that can be appreciated by cultivators and connoisseurs alike. Its aroma is a sharp mixture of spiced berries and piney kush. Money Maker provides an earthy mix of flavors reminiscent of dried fruits and roasted nuts that produce immediate relaxing effects. A good choice for insomnia or to stimulate your appetite,it is a strain that many reserve for the end of their day.

Up to 21-23% THC

Flavours: Earthy, Spicy, Herbal, Flowery

Effects: Relaxed, Tingly, Happy, Euphoric, Sleepy

Medical Benefits: Insomnia, Stress, Depression, Lack of Appetite, Pain



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