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Travel to the clouds from the couch with the Kush of the Mystical Mountains. The Purple Queen is the cool purple variety that will get you high

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Purple Queen: Lady Kush With An Air Of Purple

Some say that purple is the color of good judgment; the Purple Queen is indeed the purple variety for the wise grass cultivator. Sticky green is good, but the pure, frosted purple buds are fantastic. And not just to watch. The Purple Queen slaps. Its powerful physical effects will make you travel to the bottom of the sofa! And probably also in the direction of the fridge. A sweet, full-bodied Kush flavor with a light lemon zest will enchant your palate as you float gently into dreamland.

The Purple Queen reigns supreme in the cannabis garden. Indoors, or outdoors in temperate to hot climates, this strain can and will likely stun you with its gooey purple nuggets. In just 8 weeks to 12/12, or in mid-September outdoors, she will be ready for harvest. The Purple Queen is a compact and branchy Kush hybrid that matures to become a dream Purple variety without any problems. It will fill the lateral growth space and rarely exceed 1 m in height. For thousands of years, the ancient genetics of Kush from which it is derived has developed incredible resistance as well as spectacular purple hues. The Purple Queen can tolerate large doses of fertilizer and will thrive in all growing systems, from organic to hydroponics.


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