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Sweet ZZ : cannabis, grapes, and relaxation. The Sweet ZZ was born after the melting of the Grape Ape with Grapefruit.

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Sweet ZZ: A taste sensation that explodes into fruity flavors

We have selected Sweet ZZ using two parent varieties, the Grape Ape and the Grapefruit, it is our own version of the legendary hybrid strain predominantly indica: Zkittlez.

The remarkable genetic mix that led to the development of Sweet ZZ shows the progress made in the cultivation of cannabis. Despite its indica dominance, Sweet ZZ keeps its effects firmly focused on the mind, not the body. Typically, indica strains are focused on relieving sore muscles with a slight feeling of euphoria. The Sweet ZZ changes the game and targets the head. Always leaving you relaxed, hitting you in successive waves of motivating thoughts and feelings of well-being.

A rash of berries, citrus and candy

She is the physical embodiment of happiness. The emotion comes from its taste profile, its saccharin taste and its pleasantly stimulating high. It is not often that an average power is considered a favorable trait. In this case, savoring until the last tap is a must, and fortunately, several joints of this Sweet ZZ can be appreciated before arriving at the point of no return. 15-20% THC is enough to start paving the way for enlightenment, but not enough to make you surf the cosmos with complete mental surrender.


At the beginning of the vegetative stage, its distinct aroma begins to develop. Notes of berries and grapes fill the air, while its buds sparkle in various shades of green and purple. During flowering, a large central head forms, supported by several small nuggets with its extended branches. The yields are also impressive, whether you grow it indoors or outdoors. 500 – 700 g / m² and 400 – 600 g / plant , respectively.

End of September is a good time to cut it, although it is a shame. This allows growers to take full advantage of its unique characteristics. Indoors, flowering takes only 7 – 9 weeks , although it is recommended to leave it until the end of this period. The week or two weeks in addition ensure the complete development of its terpenes and cannabinoids. You don’t want to lose a single drop of its flavors!


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