Royal Gorilla

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The madly powerful Gorilla Glue is finally available in Europe. Extraordinary THC levels, a super-powerful weed and an incredible effect.

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Royal Gorilla

Royal Gorilla: RQS instills its magic with the legendary Gorilla Glue variety

Without a shadow of a doubt, Royal Gorilla is one of the most interesting strains of cannabis from the United States. She quickly made a name for herself as a favorite among American connoisseurs. But his discovery was completely accidental. Two American breeders, Joesy Whales and Lone Watie, discovered the variety after Joesy’s Chem Sis plants accidentally gave hermaphrodites and pollinated his Soour Dubb. It is unclear why Lonie kept the seeds when Joesy threw out the variety. But what we do know is that they germinated them later, perhaps out of curiosity. And what came out of the ground was none other than the spectacular Royal Gorilla!

Genetics and power

The two passionate breeders immediately knew that they had created something special. They were blown away by the results of their first THC measurements. As if a dizzying 24-26% THC level isn’t crazy enough, some of the phenos seem to reach an incredible 30% THC level. Which to date has never been measured in any other variety.

For the name of Gorilla Glue, the official history wants that they chose the name because of the production of insane resin of the variety. The growers had their hands sticking to everything after handling their new creation. But given the variety’s super-relaxing effect, Royal Gorilla may be a perfectly suited name to describe its deeply relaxing physical effect that will “stick you to the couch like gooey.” Its effect is however accompanied by an uplifting euphoria – enough to make its effect superbly balanced.


It does not happen every day that new varieties from the US arrive on this side of the Atlantic and drive the growers crazy like never since Gorilla Blue. This hybrid made waves in the US where it immediately became le-gen-da-ry just after its discovery which, moreover, was totally unexpected and somewhere curious.
As the story says, the Gorilla blue owes its discovery by two coaches Joesy Whales and Lonie Watie from the US. What happened was that Joesy’s sister accidentally pollinated her hermaphrodite Sour Dubb which should have been a disaster for any cannabis breeder. For reasons that we will probably never know (called karma, divine intervention or just luck), Lonie kept the seeds ruined when Joesy threw the plant down. Probably out of pure curiosity with nothing to expect, some of these seeds germinated and what germinated in the light – who would have known? – one of the most spectacular varieties of recent years: Gorilla Blue and in our case the Royal Queen Seeds version, Royal Gorilla was born!


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