psilocybin edibles

psilocybin edibles,Our lab-tested psilocybin mushroom , are created with care on the beautiful West Coast of Canada. We grow and produce our products with the highest standards of quality, testing, and innovation to bring you an experience that enhances your life. Psilocybin magic mushrooms are known to have a profound impact on your happiness and well being.


Magic mushrooms have been used for centuries (as early as 9000 B.C.!) largely as part of religious or spiritual ceremonies. They’re now one of the most popular recreational psychedelics in North America and Europe, with a growing use in micro-dosing to treat health issues and improve wellness.

I was completely and utterly entranced by what I saw: magnificent pictures of psilocybin mushroom-infused lollipops, gummy worms, psychedelic drinks, ‘shroom-infused jello, and more. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like I’d stumbled upon the Willy Wonka of boomers. So, I obviously messaged them asking how I could buy some ‘shroom laced gummy worms. The professional photos and coherent sentences in the captions hinted that these people weren’t scammers — and even if they were, it’d be worth getting ripped off once to get my hands on some psychedelic gummy worms. 

Virginia Haze: I’m a little fresher to the ‘shroom community. I was previously a cannabis grower and journalist, but learned the “way of the mushroom” under the tutelage of Dr. K.

As dedicated psychonauts, we’ve always enjoyed exploring the effects of psychedelics, but we both found that psilocybin offered exactly what we were looking for. It was a short step to start growing mushrooms ourselves, as it is difficult to find them [in the UK].